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For over a decade we have been carefully crafting quality resin epoxy tables, epoxy trays, and epoxy cutting boards. Get inspired.

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General Questions

Epoxyism works on a foundation of quality. We find it incredibly important to come out with timeless and unique designs while maintaining a durable build quality.

We welcome personalized requests and build custom epoxy tables from those requests. In fact, over 70% of our business is custom made epoxy tables. 

We know our customers are looking for something that stands out and is duable.

What are delivery times?

This depends on the product and whether it is a custom build.

Epoxy tables – 2 weeks.

Custom epoxy tables – 4 weeks

Other epoxy products take no more than 4 weeks from the day your order goes through.

Is shipping included?

Yes. Shipping is entirely included when delivered in the USA.

International orders are another story. Please email us your specific requests and we’ll get right back to you. We ship globally. 

How do I order a custom table?

Fill out the form above with all the detailed requirements. 

Ideally attach a photo of what you were looking for, together with sizing, and materials. The more we know the better.

Who is the team behind epoxyism?

We are a group of craftsman who have been working with epoxy for the better part of a decade. We love how epoxy looks and comes out.