Epoxy River Coffee Tables For Sale

Below you’ll find our selection of epoxy river coffee tables. Need something else? We also make custom epoxy river coffee tables to match your exact needs.

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Need A Custom Epoxy River Coffee Table?

Looking for a custom epoxy river coffee table? Make a custom epoxy river coffee table request with the link below and start designing a unique table!

Coffee tables bind together the look and aesthetic of your living room. These tables have to be functional in addition to stylish, which means you need a table with durable construction. Epoxy Coffee Tables provide the functionality and durability to withstand everyday use while also elevating the look of your living room with the luxurious wood and translucent epoxy resin.

Epoxy Coffee Tables come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs. Whether you’re looking for something minimalistic or something flashy, there’s something for every type of home decor.

Types of Epoxy Coffee Tables

You can choose from different types of epoxy coffee tables based on their design or shape:

  • Round Epoxy Coffee Tables: These tables have a round table top made with wood and epoxy resin. It can use different types or colors of wood.
  • Rectangle Epoxy Coffee Tables: These tables have a rectangular or square silhouette, made with straight or curvy wood pieces and epoxy resin.
  • Live Edge Epoxy Coffee Tables:

These tables have an irregular shape, often mimicking the natural curves of the wood. These tables may also be made of a single piece of wood filled with epoxy resin.

Making of an Epoxy Coffee Table

The first step of making an epoxy table is to create the design of the table. This can be a digital drawing or illustration to explain the idea of the table.

However, as every epoxy table is unique, there can be a slight difference between the original design on paper and the actual table.

Once the design is ready, the first order of business is sourcing and preparing the wood for the table. Common options include Oak, Hickory, Maple, and Walnut. Depending on the design of the table, either the wood’s natural color will remain, or it will get a varnish.

The wood pieces are first cut and sanded according to the design of the table. For example, if the coffee table is an epoxy river table, it will use at least two logs of wood.

The carpenter ensures that the pieces are according to the table size, especially the depth of the tabletop.

Once the wood pieces are ready, it’s time to place them into a mold. Depending on the shape and size of the coffee table top, the mold will be custom-made. The finished wood pieces are placed into the mold and on a flat surface.

The next step involves preparing the resin solution. Using top-quality epoxy resin, our craftsmen create the most lavish coffee epoxy tables in different colors. However, getting the color of the epoxy resin just right is a science on its own that our craftsmen have mastered over the years.

A specific resin color may actually need several different dyes to get the right color. Also, adding the right amount of color is important, especially if you want the translucent effect of epoxy resin to show.