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Below you’ll find our selection of epoxy tables. Need something else? We also make custom epoxy tables to match your exact needs.

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Need A Custom Epoxy Table?

Looking for a custom epoxy table? Make a custom epoxy table request with the link below and start designing a unique table!

Epoxy tables have become a statement decor choice, dominating social media with their unique designs and creative themes. Combining two rugged yet elegant materials, wood, and epoxy.

Our wide range of Epoxy Tables are custom-made with different types of wood and in different themes to complement different spaces in your home or office.

The creation process of an epoxy table is incredibly detail-oriented, requiring different techniques to achieve the required design. With customization options and each table made from scratch, the resultant product showcases mixing natural and synthetic materials.

Types of Woods For Your Epoxy Table

The other main component besides epoxy in an epoxy table is the wood. When creating an epoxy table from scratch, the choice of wood is extremely important. And we talk about the choice of wood, we don’t just mean the type of wood, but also the color, the texture, the silhouette.

Epoxy tables utilize natural-looking wood logs that are often used as-is, making them eco-friendly as very little wood goes to waste. Plus, the natural curves and crevices of the wood are utilized as design details. Also, different shapes of wood pieces can be utilized to create an epoxy table, unlike conventional wood tables that require large pieces of wood.

Our epoxy tables are made with premium-quality wood and differ by the type and finish of the wood.

The most commonly used woods for epoxy tables include Oak, Maple, Hickory, Walnut, Dark Walnut, and Mahogany. When choosing wood pieces for any epoxy table, they should be flat and even.

While all these types of woods are sturdy and long-lasting, the choice typically comes down to the aesthetic goals of the table. For instance, Walnut and Dark Walnut wood is particularly great for creating River Epoxy tables.

To make sturdy epoxy tables, all the moisture from the wood must dried. For this purpose, the wood may be dried in special conditions.

Resin Preparation For An Epoxy Table

After drying, cutting, and sanding the wood pieces, the next part of the creation process involves preparing the resin solution. For this part, we use high-quality epoxy resin stored at optimal conditions.
Before adding the resin, pigments are added as per the design or theme of the epoxy table. There are many tint options for resin pigments, and for most tables, various pigments are used to achieve the desired hue or texture.

Blue and green tints are popular for River tables. Red and brown tints are popular for Lava tables.
The pigment to resin ratio has to be accurate to get the right color and consistency. This requires expert knowledge, which our craftsmen have gained, spending hundreds of hours working with resin solutions.

Depending on the table type or design, there may be just one resin solution with different pigments or a separate resin solution with each having one pigment.

These solutions are then poured in gaps between the wood pieces, carefully placed in a mold and over a flat, balanced surface.
After pouring in the epoxy resin solution, the tabletop is left to air dry. Any bubbles in the resin can be fixed with a heat gun.

Epoxy Table Thematic Designs

The beauty of epoxy tables is that they can have different themes and custom designs. Playing with different silhouettes and textures of the wood, these tables can have unconventional shapes too. However, it’s the epoxy layer that’s the most customizable.

From popular nature theme epoxy tables to fun poker and beer pong epoxy tables, there’s something for everyone in our vast range of epoxy tables. We also make Live Edge Epoxy tables that are incredibly labor-intensive.

For most themes, we use objects in the resin layer. That’s the most fun part, as resin can hold and preserve almost anything. But these objects must be added with care so as to not impact the resin itself.

Protective Finish

The last but crucial step in creating an epoxy table is the polish layer that doubles as a protective layer for the tabletop. The oil or varnish adds a subtle sheen to the surface, preventing scuffs and marks from objects.

This step can only take place once the resin has completely dried and hardened, which can take days. This is why making epoxy tables takes a long time.

Why Buy Our Epoxy Tables?

  • Wide range of high-quality wood options to choose from
  • Complete customization options for the theme and design of the table
  • Different sizes available to suit your space and budget needs
  • Long-lasting and durable tables finished with a protective treatment ensuring up to 10 years of use
  • Beautiful designs that can transform any living or commercial space, adding a unique touch of wood and epoxy
  • Functional pieces of furniture that double as design centerpieces