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Looking for fully Custom River Tables for sale online?

custom river tables for sale online

Looking for a custom river table for sale online? Make a custom river table request with the link below and start designing a unique table!

River Epoxy Tables are all the rage in the decor world, and for the right reasons. These exquisite tables showcase expert craftsmanship and turn any dull space into a work of art. But making these tables requires precision, care, and attention to detail. While the two main components are wood and epoxy resin, many other components and tools are used.
These beautiful River Tables are considered luxury home decor because so much effort goes into making them.

Choosing the Wood For Your Epoxy River Table

River Tables are essentially wooden tables, so the first course of action is selecting the wood for the table. Two logs or pieces of wood are used to create a River table, which should ideally be as natural-looking as possible to give the table a raw aesthetic.

Typically, these pieces of wood come from the same trunk, cut vertically in half. The natural curvy silhouette of the wood logs creates a natural pathway of the river in the center of the table. However, the edges can be flat or left curvy as they are.

There are many wood options when it comes to making River Tables. River Tables’ most popular wood types are Oak, Walnut, Black Walnut, Red Cedar, Cherry, and Maple.

The wood logs are first sanded, and if there are any cracks, they are filled with resin. Both wood pieces must be of the exact length and depth. Next, the craftsman sand and cut the wood logs to achieve uniformity.

Adding the Epoxy Resin

Once the wood logs are prepared, they are laid over a flat surface like an MDF board and fixed inside a frame, typically also made of wood. The frame mold is custom-built for each table according to the size and design of the table.

A release agent is applied before adding the resin solution, so the resin does not stick to the flat surface or the mold.
For our River Tables, high-quality epoxy resin is used that achieves the desired water-like. Preparing the resin solution is the most demanding part of the manufacturing process, as the amount of the epoxy resin needs to be accurate.

Also, the conditions in the manufacturing facility need to be optimal because the resin can otherwise get bubbles or get cloudy if the temperature is too high or too low.
Different resin pigments are used to create the blue/green river hues and translucent water-like texture. The perfect river hue is created with pigments like turquoise, sea green, blue, and metallic blue. These pigments must be in the correct ratio to achieve the desired color.

The resin is divided into different containers, and the pigments are added separately. Then, the resin solutions are carefully poured between the wood pieces. When different resin colors are poured in, they create the natural water effect with diffusing hues, just like a real river.

Customizing the Resin River

River Tables can be as simple as a translucent layer of epoxy between wood and can be more elaborate with elements that enhance the river aesthetic. For example, pebbles, stones, artificial fishes, seashells, or reefs can be added to make the river even more elaborate.

Finishing Touches

After pouring in the resin solution, the resin is left to harden in the right conditions. Once the resin has set, the mold is removed.
The table is ready for the final steps in this multi-step process. First, the tabletop is sanded again to achieve a uniform surface. Its edges are further smoothened in the desired shape. Different grit levels are used for sanding.

Then, the legs of the tables are attached, which can be made with the same wood type and varnished to have the same color as the tabletop wood. Metal frames for legs are also very popular with River Tables.
Finally, the tabletop is polished to add that beautiful luster to both the wood and the resin layer. Finally, the table is wiped with a lint-free wipe. This last treatment also enhances the durability of the table, making it tolerant to all the wear and tear that comes with regular use.

Long Life Guarantee

The life of a River Table depends on several factors such as the quality of the wood and resin, the treatment of wood (whether it was correctly dried), the polish/protective layer on top, and the conditions it was manufactured in.

Our River Tables are made of premium quality materials and go through every critical step needed to ensure longevity. As a result, you can expect 10+ years, with some care and maintenance from these beautiful tables.

Even after the table is ready, the resin continues to air dry and gets even more durable with time.