Live Edge Epoxy River Tables For Sale

Below you’ll find our selection of live edge epoxy river tables. Need something else? We also make custom river tables to match your exact needs.

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Need A Custom Live Edge Epoxy River Table?

Looking for a custom live edge epoxy river table? Make a custom live edge epoxy river table request with the link below and start designing a unique table!

Epoxy and wood tables combine two sturdy materials to create something truly beautiful that can elevate any residential or commercial space.

Our live edge epoxy tables are one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture made with love and care. More importantly, these pieces honor nature by using the wood in its natural form.

You can choose from a variety of wood types and epoxy resin colors to create a unique table that can be the center of attention for anyone who walks into your space. There is a lot of work that goes into making this kind of table, which is why each table is different.

What is a Live Edge Epoxy River Table?

A Live Edge Epoxy Table has live, natural edges, unlike other rectangular, square, or round wood tables. These tables use wood logs in their natural form, leveraging their natural curves and shapes. This gives the table a rustic feel yet modern feel.

Live edge wood tables are one of the hottest trends in home decor. More importantly, these tables are environment-friendly, as there is minimal to no waste of wood. With the addition of epoxy resin, the tables can use virtually any piece of wood.

How are Live Edge Epoxy River Tables Made?

A Live Edge Epoxy Table’s construction is not much different from that of a regular epoxy table, except for a few things. The first step of the process is choosing the wood.

Wood Types and Shapes

For a Live Edge Epoxy table, there are many wood types used. The most popular options for epoxy tables are Oak, Walnut, Dark Walnut, Hickory, Maple, and Mahogany.

Since these tables don’t have to be rectangular, the wood logs are not cut into straight edges. However, the wood logs do have to be flat and of the same depth. So these wood pieces are sanded to achieve a uniform depth. The edges are also sanded to smoothen them for finishing later.

Some of these tables feature a single large piece of wood with its cracks to be filled with epoxy resin. Other designs like Live Edge River Tables use two pieces of wood with epoxy resin in the middle.

Once the wood pieces have been prepared, they are fixed into a frame over a flat surface. As these pieces do not have flat edges, fixing them in a frame can be tricky.

Preparing the Resin

Once the wood pieces are placed into a mold/frame, it’s time to pour in the resin mix. To prepare the right amount of resin, it’s imperative to calculate the volume of the table and how much resin it will take to fill the spaces between or in the wood.
Resin is naturally transparent, so if the table has a theme or color, a resin dye is added to the resin mix.

It may take several color dyes to achieve a specific shade. When choosing the color for the resin, it’s important to keep in mind the shade of the wood as well.