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Customize Epoxy Resin Tables

Are you looking to change the look of your home and add a touch of luxury? If yes, custom epoxy tables may just be the answer. There are no limits when it comes to customizing a wood and epoxy table. 

Additionally, custom resin tables are becoming more popular for indoor and outdoor home furnishings. Custom resin tables are often easier to keep than metal and wood furniture, which both require extensive maintenance. 

From hardwood tabletops to countertops, epoxy resins are utilized to produce high-gloss coatings. They are also used by skilled DIY individuals to make original wooden artwork, such as epoxy and river tables.

Experienced woodworkers and DIYers may make custom epoxy tables and custom resin tables, which are stunning pieces of furniture that are in high demand.

custom resin tables

What is an Epoxy Table?

Longevity is a key consideration when choosing or making a custom table since people want that distinctive piece of furniture to last for more than just a few years. Currently, the internet and social media have been overrun with resin, and its popularity is only growing.

Epoxy resins used to make epoxy tables are synthetic polymers that may be cast and molded. Similar to a two-component glue, it is composed of two parts which are the resin and the hardener. 

A hybrid piece of furniture called custom epoxy tables is constructed from hardwood planks with epoxy resin sandwiched in the middle. The resin epoxy between the blanks frequently has natural edges, like a river that is flowing. 

Since 2019, resin river tables have gained a lot of popularity. Like so many others, the concept and craze for epoxy river tables originated in the USA. On the other hand, these tables are both highly contemporary and extraordinarily luxurious, and high-quality. 

They also exude an exotic beauty and blend in with most decor themes. The custom river tables are particularly alluring to most people because they combine wood with epoxy that is mostly colored, creating a fascinating contrast. 

Furthermore, these wood and resin furniture pieces are unique in that they defy categorization and are suitable for a wide range of interior design aesthetics. This kind of custom epoxy table caters to both fans of wood furniture and those who favor the modern design.

Lastly, the fact that resin is resistant to the growth of mold and bacteria is one of the amazing things about resin’s endurance. Mold and germs cannot grow on porous resin.

Process of Making Custom Epoxy Tables

Epoxy glue helps bind everything together and display the exquisite wood furniture. It serves as the physical glue that turns your idea into an amazing talking point for yourself or your customer. 

Additionally, it makes them strong and resistant to anything that life may hurl at them. The first step is, to begin with, selecting the most magnificent wood. The bark on the exterior surface is then removed using the live wood edges.

To maintain as much of the living edge as possible, the professional custom epoxy table maker will gently chisel the bark with a soft hand. They will plane and sand the wood to make it as smooth and perfect as possible to give it a complete look. 

On the other hand, the sealing qualities applied to a resin finish makes it resistant to any stains. Another fantastic benefit of resin’s longevity is that it is simple to clean and can be treated with just about any cleaning agent, making for a piece of furniture that is stress-free. 

Different Levels of Customization

There are different levels of customization. You can customize the table by encasing items, such as coffee tables, dining tables, and more. Furthermore, you can create any type of epoxy wood table. It is up to you where you choose to use your epoxy table. 

Custom river table is stunningly daring, and contemporary tables add a simulated “river” made of epoxy that has a watery color to the eye-catching live-edge slab tables.

A band saw is one of the greatest pieces of equipment you can have while getting ready to build; it is very useful for shaping your “River Table.” 

These tables can be the final piece of furniture you need to complete your appearance, whether you enjoy Bohemian, contemporary, eclectic, minimalist, transitional, or even any other style.

By using our design advice, you can create a high-quality piece of furniture without experiencing any aggravation when constructing your epoxy resin river table. 

Following are the different levels/types of customization for an epoxy table:

The Classic Custom Epoxy Table

To make the classic river table, individuals can use a mold to make a pattern after they have their live edge wood pieces. Every one of the custom tables is designed with unique forms and sizes. 

By arranging the pieces such that they complement one another, you can exploit the wood’s intrinsic essence. Most brands’ intention is to highlight the exquisite quality of the individual wood planks.

Furthermore, you should also produce a flow formation that seems to have no beginning or finish. The best brand will offer the best solid wood tables, which can be used as a centerpiece and have space for your guests to sit down and have a drink. 

Resin has the added benefit of being burn, chip, and scratch-resistant. Therefore, you may rest assured that the outcome will be something you will appreciate for a very long time. 

It is, therefore, the ideal table for those memorable family gatherings. Additionally, resin tables are built with great strength, which adds to their remarkable durability.

Encapsulating Objects

The second customization style is loved by many. Individuals can encase items in epoxy is a common epoxy wood table method. Some people will utilize common objects like bottle caps. Coins, pebbles, pictures, and more have sentimental value. 

A distinctive method to display items that have personal significance to you is to enclose and embed them in your epoxy wood table. There are many stages you should follow to get a great result depending on the sort of material you’re encasing in epoxy.

Among the most well-liked items to be encased in a custom resin table following are more options for you to select from:


Before exposing them to the epoxy, any flower petals, flowers, or leaves that you intend to encapsulate in your epoxy wood table must be completely dried. 

Modern furniture designs are increasingly incorporating natural components. A table made of epoxy resin is a great design. These intriguing tables have a true agate slice appearance, although they are constructed of poured resin and solid wood. 

They stand out from their surroundings because they are so distinctive and captivating. The plants will go moldy and brown in the epoxy if any moisture is left behind in them. 

The flowers should then be secured in the epoxy wood table using glue and water or a thin coating of epoxy to prevent any bubbles from developing before doing the deep pour. 

Before you put epoxy on the items which are for encapsulating, you need first spread a thin coating of watered-down glue over them. Before applying your deep pour of finishing epoxy, ensure sure the objects are secured after that.

Bottlecaps and Shells 

These components are so light that epoxy must be used to anchor them before the final pour. Before encasing them in your epoxy wood table, you should also cover the holes and spaces with epoxy since they may otherwise result in bubbles.

Live Edge Walnut River Table

Undoubtedly, our soul appears to benefit much from having nature within the home. And there are many other ways to achieve so, such as using recent rocks, flowers, or artwork that draws inspiration from nature. 

River tables are exquisite works of furniture art for your house. This river table made of epoxy resin is unique. It is constructed of walnut wood and has a piece of blue glass in the center. 

Smoked black epoxy glue is used to cover the gaps and knots. The table requires little care because it has three coatings of a strong lacquer that protects against spills and scratches. 

They are handcrafted creations composed of wood, epoxy resin, and glass inlays. The main aspect is that they are all absolutely different from one another. 

Additionally, they may readily blend into a range of interior design genres, from the most contemporary rooms to the most boho-influenced of houses, demonstrating the adaptability of their style.

Make Your Own Custom Epoxy Table!

There are virtually no restrictions on creativity when creating an epoxy table, from the most exotic variations with vibrant colors, elaborate structures, and extravagant designs to more traditional, clean designs with neutral or more transparent hues. 

You can keep your wooden crafts for years. The glossiness you receive with a resin table’s end product is one of its best features. 

Simply try the eye-catching custom designs mentioned above or come up with your own. Reach out to discuss your idea, and we can help make it a reality. From immersive theme epoxy tables to nature-inspired river tables, anything and everything is possible.  

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