White Epoxy River Table

White River Table

A handcrafted White River Epoxy Table made with premium wood.

White Epoxy River Table
  • Premium wood 
  • Epoxy resin
  • Smooth finish
  • Available in different sizes

Choose from a wide range of sizes and wood types. Price will be calculated based on your preferences.

walnut river table
walnut epoxy table

High-end epoxy design

A gorgeous wood and epoxy table emulating a flowing white river through rocky terrain. The white epoxy color blends with the natural shade of the wood beautifully to recreate a natural scenery. It is handmade with attention to detail and uses premium materials that are highly durable.

use it everywhere

This epoxy river table can be used in the dining room, outdoor patio, living room, restaurants, and even as a conference table in an office. It can add an artistic touch to the decor with its crafty look and homage to nature. With a glazed finish, it is no less than a piece of art in the form of a table.

a cooling effect

The epoxy is infused with wood, which maintains its natural cut and texture. The imitation of the river is as accurate as it can be. If you’re someone who appreciates nature, this table is for you. Just the way the clear river water gushes through the mountains and forests at the peak of summer, the white epoxy layer mimics that same effect.

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