Star Wars Epoxy Table For Sale

Star Wars epoxy Table for sale

A handcrafted River Epoxy Table made for the Star Wars fan.

star wars epoxy table for sale
  • Premium epoxy and wood
  • Epoxy resin
  • Smooth finish
  • Available in different sizes

Choose from a wide range of sizes and wood types. Price will be calculated based on your preferences. 

walnut river table
walnut epoxy table

Epoxy table for star wars’ fans

Celebrate your favorite space age movie franchise with the Star Wars River Epoxy Table. Made with 100% wood and epoxy resin, the table features replicas of the iconic Star Wars ships, especially the Millenium Falcon. The color of the epoxy resin gives the illusion of space with greyish hues. It recreates the celestial theme of franchise, reenacting a scene any Star Wars fan would love and admire.

a unique river table

This table can be the centerpiece in any space, be it a living room, hotel, or restaurant. It can also be a great addition for a Star Wars theme party. It can also be a great present for a diehard Star Wars fan.

crafted with expertise

The table is handmade, crafted by expert artisans with experience working with wood and epoxy. The natural texture of the wood compliments the epoxy layer. Both materials are super sturdy, making them the perfect combo for a table. With some maintenance, this table will last a long time.