Red Epoxy River Table

Red River Table

A handcrafted River Epoxy Table made with premium red epoxy resin

  • Premium epoxy and wood
  • Epoxy resin
  • Smooth finish
  • Available in different sizes

Choose from a wide range of sizes and wood types. Price will be calculated based on your preferences.

Red Epoxy River Table

Vibrant epoxy design

Add some vibrancy to your dining experience with this Red Epoxy River table. Crafted with real wood logs and translucent red epoxy resin, it recreates the look of a river thundering through natural rock formations. The red color of the river is a unique idea that represents the scenery of a river at sunset when the rays of the sun make the water look reddish.

premium epoxy table

It is crafted with hands using premium quality wood and epoxy resin, both of which are highly durable materials. After the epoxy and wood fuse together and the table is cut into its shape, it is covered with a finishing layer that strengthens the surface. The finish on the table adds some luster which binds the two materials together beautifully.

suits all home decor

You can place it in a dining room, living room, or patio/yard for outdoor dinners and parties. It can also be used in commercial settings such as restaurants, wedding venues, and offices. No matter what kind of space you have, this Red Epoxy River table will add five stars to the whole aesthetic. It looks like a decor piece but functions like furniture, eliminating the need to buy expensive tablecloths or decoration pieces.

walnut river table
walnut epoxy table

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