Epoxy Wood Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie Board

  • Premium Wood: All our products are made from premium-quality wood that is treated with care and respect to create lasting products for home use and decor. 
  • 100% Handcrafted: With years of expertise in wood work, our craftsmen give each piece they create the attention it deserves. 
  • Safe: The materials are safe for use with food items as there are no toxic elements used to treat any of the materials. 

Customizable Design: The board is completely customizable with different types of wood and different color options for epoxy resin. Reach out with your design and inspiration.

Black Walnut Epoxy River Table

Unique epoxy designs

A beautiful, handmade wood and epoxy Charcuterie board to enthral your guests. With immaculate attention to detail, this wooden board takes the picture of a river flowing through natural rocks. The epoxy mimics the water and the wood mimics the rocks, recreating a scene from nature anyone would love and admire.


It is cut with perfection and polished with a protective finish that also adds a subtle luster to the surface. Ideal as a cheeseboard or platter for snacks, this board can easily become the center piece of your food spread. Whether you’re hosting a high tea or soiree, presenting some delectables like cheese, crackers, grapes, bread sticks, or cookies would take your food and presentation game to the next level. Don’t be surprised if it becomes the talk of the party!

Incredible finish

Both wood and resin are durable and safe for food. The board is also easy to clean and wash. This charcuterie board can be customized according to your design needs. As a custom built piece, made by expert craftsmen, the board can be cut in different shapes and designed in different colors. Choose what goes well with your dishes and home decor. It’s all about creating a lasting impression with presentation.

walnut river table
walnut epoxy table

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