How is The Price of An Epoxy River Table Made up?

An epoxy river table is a hybrid piece of furniture consisting of epoxy resin in the middle of the hardwood planks. The natural edges in the resin epoxy between the spacing give the table the look of a moving river.

Since 2019, resin river tables which originated in the United States, have become quite popular. These tables look modern and stylish, bringing in some nature influence along. 

Additionally, they are of exceptional quality as well as beautiful eye-catchers that radiate an exotic beauty. The epoxy table-making process consists of the most exotic varieties with vibrant colors, structures, and elegant designs. 

Furthermore, the table can also be more traditional, with clean designs and neutral or more translucent shades. In this article, we will discuss the epoxy river table price and what the epoxy river table is.

What is an Epoxy River Table?

Epoxy river tables have gathered a lot of attention in the past few years. Many craftsmen are now offering epoxy river tables. An epoxy river table is constructed out of two live edge slabs, usually from the same slab, with epoxy resin poured in between. 

When the epoxy sets, it forms a “river” that runs through the middle of the two slab pieces. Furthermore, the epoxy river table price ranges from high to low.

Every aspect of these tables can be customized to create your own table. However, the cost will vary depending on the customization. Additionally, these tables are appealing to most people because of the dramatic contrast of the wood and colorful resin. 

However, the unique feature of these resin and wood pieces of furniture is that they defy categorization and appeal to a wide range of interior design trends. The epoxy river table appeals to wood furniture fans and those who like a more modern look. 

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Price of An Epoxy River Table

Before making the epoxy river table, it is important to choose the type of epoxy resin because epoxy resin is a highly sensitive substance during the curing process. As a result, choosing a high-quality resin is critical to ensure a flawless finish once the resin has been set. 

You will need both a casting resin and a laminating resin to make the river table, as well as a finishing coat for the tabletop. 

The cost of a river table is determined by the type of wood used, the amount of epoxy required, and other factors. For example, the live edge slab will cost between $400 and $1,200, and the epoxy per gallon cost is between $80 and $1,200. 

There are a variety of epoxy brands and providers that can make a customized epoxy river table for you. According to the market survey conducted by us, the lowest price for a well-made epoxy river table is $1,500, while the highest price is over $20,000. 

The pricing differs according to different brands and craftsmen. There are times you can get exactly what you paid for, but other times you may be able to get a decent deal. 

On the other hand, there are several elements that influence the price of an epoxy table. The selection is extensive, much above what most things will cost. Following are the factors which influence the epoxy river table price. 


The size of an epoxy river table is one of the most important criteria in determining its pricing. This is a more evident factor because the materials will be more expensive. 

The most common way to buy wood is by the board foot, which implies that the larger the piece, the more it costs. 

Furthermore, cutting down on the wood and replacing it with epoxy may appear to be a smart idea, but depending on the brand and depth of the table, this might cost as much as wood.

Cost of Wood

The type of wood is not the most important element in determining to price; it does make a difference. This price is determined by a variety of criteria, including where you reside, the age of the wood, the grain, and the supply available. 

Looking for wood that is locally grown or in plentiful supply will help you save money on your table. The cost of the wood is the most apparent element of this puzzle. If you already have a source and know what sort of wood you want to use, that is fantastic.

You will find that a coffee table board will cost between $30 and $90. Set aside at least $150 for a bigger dining slab of wood. However, the price can go up to $1000 for a decent, solid board unless you have a local source.

Brand of Epoxy

The brand of epoxy is the highest cost when purchasing an epoxy table. While some may be far less expensive, you may not have any control over the matter. 

Most artists already have an epoxy brand that they religiously use. Furthermore, it all depends on the project. Therefore this will be factored into the overall cost. 

Although there is some less expensive epoxy, your budget should be at least $50 to $80 for a gallon (3.8L) of epoxy. When you figure out how much epoxy you will need, it may easily add up to hundreds of dollars.

Tools Cost

If you are making the epoxy river table yourself, you may need the tools to make it. However, if you do not have any tools, you will probably have to spend $200 on the necessities to make it happen. 

If you already have some plywood, two-by-fours, a circular saw, a drill, and a sander, you might be able to get away with only buying some tape or HDPE for the mold. It might be as low as $20 as a result of this.

Type of Customization

When purchasing an epoxy river table, customization does not generally result in a significant price rise. 

Most of the time, the price will be determined by the size and material used, with customization included. Customization is a natural step when acquiring a river table because each one is special and unique.

It is important to keep in mind not to begin a project unless you are certain that you can afford all of the essential components. It can get very aggravating when purchasing a wood slab, only to discover you do not have enough epoxy.


The cost of hiring a table designer is by far the most expensive aspect of buying an epoxy river table. Even for an expert, finishing epoxy river tables might take a lot of time, even a number of weeks. 

Performing the entire process of curing, planning, pouring, sanding, and getting every detail just right by yourself are all skills that develop with practice and patience. On the other hand, you can get lower labor; this is not an area where you should cut corners. 

Getting a good labor force means you can get professionals to make your table. Furthermore, it also means that you can get access to space, tools, wood, and epoxy that you might not have. The table will be better if the artist is good.

Furthermore, there are some really skilled woodworkers that specialize in epoxy tables. These professionals are always able to make something better and customize it according to your taste. 

Using a professional firm may be more cost-effective since they can buy wood and epoxy in bulk, making huge quantities less expensive for them.


Location matters, especially when it comes to the species of wood from which the epoxy river table will be made. However, location also consists of the type of materials and the availability of those materials. 

It is possible that some epoxies are not accessible in every nation. Since the trend of epoxy tables is still developing, it has not yet reached all corners of the globe. 

Furthermore, if you reside in a remote area, finding a local artist may be difficult. Hence, shipping and time may be an addition to your costs. 

The cost of each artwork might rise as a result of your location and the artist’s location. However, you can always check the internet and websites of certain brands, which may make it feasible to purchase from anywhere and get a good deal.

Wrap Up

Making an epoxy river table is a difficult procedure. However, the end result will speak for itself. Among other epoxy tables, the epoxy river table is one of the most requested finishes out of all of them.

Epoxy tables are extremely expensive furniture pieces, yet they may bring features to a room that nothing else can. These tables are well worth the investment if you can afford them. 

They bring a distinct beauty to the room that is unequaled by any other piece of furniture. You may also customize them according to your style and wants. The table will certainly become a center of attention in your house.

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